Review: Ardbeg SMWS 33.93 ‚Tarry peppermint tea‘ 10 y.o., 8.1998 – 6.2011, Refill Sherry Butt, 626 bottles, 55,9%

The new SMWS

Since the Scotch Malt Whisky Society has been taken over, I was in the lucky position to try most of their releases. Our partner Ralf Dänzer (www.smws-sü does a wonderful job in selecting and promoting the whiskies. In general, they are above average, and some are top class. Make sure you are fast to get hold of a bottle. The SMWS lowered the member fees a lot. I really recommend to become a member nowadays. It is worth it. Another recommendation: Ralf offers samples of recent bottlings to try before you buy!

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In this series, I would like to review some recent bottlings (only the first one in German, tomorrow, the ratings will be in English). My highlight of the ‚Summer Series“ was an Ardbeg (and I am not a comlete nut for post-1997-Ardbegs), a real stunner:

Ardbeg SMWS 33.93 ‚Tarry peppermint tea‘ 10 y.o., 8.1998 – 6.2011, Refill Sherry Butt, 626 bottles, 55,9%

More reviews in English all the way from tomorrow on…

same outfit, but 33.93



Mächtig Gummireifen, Torf und Jod beim ersten Riechen; dahinter Kräuter, Pfeffer, gegerbtes Leder, Holzkohle, Harz, Teer, Moor, Zitronenschale, Salzlake, Nelken, ein Hauch Schwefel  und Spuren der ab 1997 auftretenden ätherischen Minze. Wahrlich komplex!


Trotz großer Kraft recht ausgewogen, obige Aromen und Pfefferminzteenoten erscheinen in dichter Verbindung, ohne jede Offnote. Ein klasse Ardbeg!


Lang, jodig-torfig, wärmend wie Holzkohleglut, die dezente Sherrynote ist hier deutlicher, sie verbindet die vielen obigen Elemente optimal im Abgang; gegen

Ende setzt sich eine herrliche Knallpistolenschwefelnote durch: einer der Besten seit der Glenmorangie-Übernahme, genau mein Ding!

Punkte: 92/100

Summary: A real iodine-sulphur-peat-beast that reminds me of earlier bottlings. Very well balanced yet powerful. We put this one into our line-up of the Regensburger Whisky Walk 2011 because it rocked our world!

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