Review of the latest releases by ‚Grape of the Art‘ – amazing choices

The boys of ‚Grape of the Art‘ keep at it – and I am thankful to be able to try their recent selections. It took me a while due to certain circumstances, but: here we go! Thank you for the patience. Read up on their story here. They even plan an Armagnac Fair soon, check it out on their pages.

Due to my late post, I am keeping the notes shorter than usual. These releases might be still available somewhere, though – and worth looking out for.

Cognac Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 79 Grape of the Art 41 y.o. Grande Champagne 2022 52,3%

This Ugni Blanc Cognac matured in a Limousin Oak Cask in a humid cellar and was bottled at cask strength (273 bottles). Again, like many of the GOTA-releases, it has traces of pot still rum – within the cognac range of aromas. First it plays it close to the chest, then it opens beautifully. Spices, smoked herbs, leafy moments, pastry, lemon zest, ginger, vanilla, quinces, apples, white chocolate, plums and gooseberries. On the palate it starts bitter and turns to fruit then. Cooked lemons, spices (even incense), grapes, vanilla, plums, eucalypt take center stage and then lead into a medium-long finish of  elegance.

Score: 89+


Armagnac Hontambère 36 y.o. Domaine Pouchégu 1985 Grape of the Art cask #H6 Ténarèze 56,6%

My favourite so far – wow! Ugni Blanc-grapejuice matured in a wet cellar rendered 350 bottles at cask strength. This is dark and juicy, not dry yet deep as the Mariana trench – nuts, raisins, maraschino-cherries, mahogani-wood, cristallized orange skins, lime blossom and what not – mature perfection. The taste keeps up: dark berries, raisins and morello cherries, baking spices, polished tropical woods, incredibly complex like very old sherried Speyside whisky. This Tour de Force finishes long and high class – amazing pick, boys!

Score: 92


Armagnac Domaine de Danis 33 y.o. Grape of the Art 1988 cask #34 Ténarèze 47,6%

The brighter twin of Hontambère, a Folle Blanche eau de vie matured in a wet cellar again, 387 bottles at cask strength. Full transparency as always with GOTA. Very round, pastry-like, dried apricots, bergamot, limoncello, warm cedar wood, wine gums and redcurrant and blueberries, Martinique-rhum. It tastes warm and citric, now daisies on green meadows join cardamom, berries, dark wood spice, plum cake and vanilla. So nice and light, it escapes your senses too quickly unless you drink the next sip. Drift away, my friends, this is a summer dream. And I swear, I had written this note before I saw the image.

Score: 91



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