Beer Fair in Munich (Quick Post)

It was a blast! I could try so many interesting beers, of which I found the IPAs (Indian Pale Ales) most enjoyable. There were wonderful whisky-beers (Bourbon-casked, peated malt, etc.), crazily concentrated Stouts (Molen!) and Lambiks. Even strawberry- and raspberry-beers were there (but less great), not to mention the lilac-IPA (fun!).

Some rememberable whiskies among many were the Springbank Rundlets and Kilderkins (89), the very dark 21 from 1999 (94-95), Pe1 (92) and the new C&S-Dram Series (all of them very good, esp. the Bunnahabhain 10, the Glendullan, etc.).

Willett-Bourbons, some R(h)ums, Grappe, Cognacs and old Glenglassaugh Malts rounded off a wonderful beer event.

More to come soon, sorry for the radio silence…loads to do here.

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