Review: Sherriffs BOWMIST Finest West Highland Whisky

Following up on yesterday’s four Bowmore I pulled out an old whisky from the 1960ies/70ies, most probably a blend with a lot of Bowmore in it, called Bowmist (Sherriff’s version). The label actually says ‚distilled and matured at Bowmore‘, so this is promising.


Bowmist Finest West Highland Scotch Whisky, distilled, matured at Bowmore, Sherriffs Bowmore Distillery, 70 proof

Nose: Very fresh and floral, also somewhat spicy. An elegant light and creamy dram with a discrete maritime edge. I am getting cassis, apricots and a whiff of passion fruit, herbs and ferns, tobacco leafs, toffee, creme brulee and Bavarian creme.

Palate: In the mouth it starts out like an old blend (light, old bottle flavour) but then the noble old Bowmore character shines through. It might be less complex than its nose but still shows nice lead aromas of dark mahogani wood and apricots.

Finish: Not very long, more on elegance and smoothness, but that on a high level.

Score: 89

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