Cocktail: Slowdrink’s Scottish Summer

The story behind the drink

Yesterday, we had our first Whisky Walk in Regensburg, Germany, with 36 participants and 10 stops for fine drams – and had an awesome time (article to come soon, invitation to be found here on page). At the Neue Filmbühne-Bar with its nice fountain outside, we had a great Whisky Cocktail. And as everybody asked me for the recipe, I am going to share it with you.

This drink was orginally created by David Deck, Bill Deck’s son from the famous Pusser’s BAR in Munich. Bill Deck brought the classic American Cocktail Bar back to Munich by opening Pusser’s in 1974. Moreover, he is a wonderful man with great humour and wisdom. His son, David Deck is from the next generation of barkeepers and gives his dad a hand. He called his mix ‚Scottish Summer‘, but as there is another cocktail of that name around, we shall call it ‚Slowdrink’s Scottish Summer‘ and add one ingredient.

We chose this treat, because it was among the best Whisky Cocktails/Longdrinks in a series of drinks made by Munich’s best bartenders and it is easy to make. There were many great drinks that night at the CAMPARI Academy, at Negroni’s Bar, at Schumanns (Happy Birthday, Charles) and at Pusser’s BAR, but this one fitted our needs best by being really refreshing and dangerously drinkable. So here comes the recipe:

Slowdrink’s Scottish Summer

4 cl Auchentoshan 10 y.o. Single Malt (or a light blend of good quality)

1 cl Mango Syrup

1 cl Ginger Syrup

1 cl Lemon Juice

1 Blackberry / Brambleberry (not necessarily)

1 slice of Ginger

Put all the liquids in a shaker and shake, then fill it in a tumbler and fill it up with ice. Add the berry and the ginger slice into the liquid (and decorate with a lemon on the edge of the glass). 





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