Review: New C & S Dram Whiskies II. (Clynelish, Miltonduff)

… continued from two days before …

Clynelish 1997, 14 y.o., Bourbon Cask 5711, 57,9%

Nose: Nougat, apple, candle wax, honey, hazelnut, peach and pine resin, discrete peat

Palate: sweet arrival at first, a mirror of the nose plus a bit of chili; great mix between fruit, spice and wood

Finish: very long, more peat shows but never takes over;

Score: 90

Comment: This was most people’s favourite among the four drams reviewed. That’s why we took it on the steam train 😉 Again a high class Clynelish that could be said to be an allrounder, just like Highland Park ... and a bang for your buck.


Miltonduff 1998 – 2011, 13 y.o., Cask 3619, 59,9%

Nose: somehow chemical at first, darker , berries and a slight Sherry influence, latte macchiato coffee, overrripe apples;

Palate: amazingly fat and sweet fruit, wonderful complexity;

Finish: led by overripe fruit, this develops into a autumny pleasure of all sorts;

Score: 90

Comment: This Miltonduff isn’t for everyone, but the more experienced drammers got a real kick out of it. It needs time! I regard it as very good because it has personality.

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