Whisky Liqueurs that Can Change Your Perspective – from the Scottish Liqueur Centre

Stay Curious for New Things – Like Good Liqueurs

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to stay open-minded. When I used to hear the words ‚Whisky Liqueur‘ it reminded me of

Just Outside the Scottish Liqueur Centre

products like Drambuie or Irish Mist – not exactly my favourites. I could enjoy Baileys Irish Cream occassionally but I would never have bought a full bottle.

As my mother-in-law produces new kinds of liqueur at home  (see the ’not up-to-date page: http://www.wallner-gewekin.de), I know that there are exciting products in this genre as well. She directed my attention to this product. We call our liqueur ‚2.0‘ and try a lot of new ways like using less sugar.  I lend my spirit expertise to find the suitable basic alcohol for each fruit, petal or herb. So I kept my eyes open for new liqueurs much more recently but never had an interesting one from Scotland. Let me tell you how this has changed now:


The Scottish Liqueur Centre

Production Hall

The Scottish Liqueur Centre produces not only their own stunning drinks and deal with casks and special whiskies, they also make liqueurs for distilleries, castles and rare occasions. I was in the happy position to pay them a visit along with some crazy Bavarians. Their managing director Kenny McKay, a legend in the whisky industry, showed us around and also joined us at sightseeing very generously. And as we toured the Highlands with him, he kept pouring us drams and liqueurs to try. There was not a bad one among them – and everybody agreed.

Kenny Pourin' his Elixirs


I have made a short list of my favourites. All are recommendable, but I liked ‚Bruadar‘ best, what a wonderfully balanced liqueur that embodies the Scottish Highlands. Anyway, they all suit different occasions and give some cocktails the extra edge. Even Highland cattle like the stuff (see photo). Don’t miss out and try them – you won’t regret it.

Care for a Dram?



Recommended for Trying

1. Bruadar (perfectly balanced, complex and top class – most recommendable for trying a liqueur for the first time – the Highlands in a glass)

2. Sloe Gin (many liked this even more than the Bruadar, great for mixing as well)

3. Glenglassaugh Sloe Berry Liqueur (26%)

4. Columba Cream (the better alternative to Baileys)

5. Bramble Liqueur (now sold out, I still got a bottle) and other fruit liqueurs

6. Ginger Tams (ginger and honey take center stage – not only for cats)


I think there will be more to come from Kenny and his friendly crew. Stay tuned! They also bottle really fine whiskies for The Whisky Exchange, their own Cairn Mor series, the C & S Dram Collection and many more. And they are really nice people!

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