Review: Two and a Half Whiskies ;) – Ron Opthimus 25 Anos Tomatin Finish, Aberlour ‚a’bunadh‘ Batch 35 and The Glenlivet ‚Nadurra‘

An old whisky-finished Rum? This Ron (Rum) was brought to me by my friend Flo – it was one of his favourites at the German Rum Festival in Berlin this year. Let’s try this interesting product and two other drams (Glenlivet ‚Nadurra‘ and Aberlour ‚a’bunadh‘ Batch 35).


Oliver & Oliver Rum / Ron ‚Opthimus – 2011‘ 25 Anos, Metodo Solera, finished in Tomatin Malt Whisky Casks, 1350 btl., Domenican Republic, 43%

Nose: The quite dark elixir displays great maturity, pipe tobacco, dried fruits, kola nut, orange and lemon zest, vanilla pod, lovely exotic spiciness (led by nutmeg, but also cinnamon, assorted Asian spices and white pepper), a certain demerara and marzipan sweetness, ‚Big Red‘ bubblegum, pine and espresso – only after some minutes the Whisky cask influnece begins to show by notes of heather honey and sweet barley malt.

Taste: Milder than the nose suggested and more on latte macchiato instead of the mentioned espresso – the notes from above are reflected in admirable complexity and smoothness.

Finish: Back to espresso again, vanilla, marzipan, fruit tobacco,  malt and enticing whiffs of nutmeg and coriander keep goin‘ and goin‘ and goin‘ … no Tomatin Whisky traces detectable (but on the other hand: not at all missed).

Score: 91



At a nice Whisky Dinner I hosted at the Wittelsbacher Hof in Kelheim yesterday (they have a great sky bar) I could revisit some old acquaintances on the go (no notes):

The Glenlivet ‚Nadurra‘ OB 16 y.o., Batch 1109I (bottled 11/09), 54,2%

Comment: An explosion of exotic fruit, vanilla, toffee, biscuits, flowers and grainy sweet malt. Modern in style, but convincing.

Score: 89


Aberlour  ‚a’bunadh‘, Oloroso Cask Maturation, Batch No. 35, 60,3%

Comment: Still a stunner, although the cask quality has gone down a bit. I think. This creamy a’bunadh expresses more raisins than usual. Of course, there are plenty of Sherry and chocolate, cherries, prunes, nuts, honey and great coffee notes. Altogether less dry and more accesible than in early days, but also less unique.

Score: 89+

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