Review: Littlemill 1988 Whisky-Fässle (ex-Sherry)

Quite some Littlemill releases are popping up these days, and most of them really convinced me with a lovely yet unusual profile, like those, for example. Today I am going for a 1988 version out of a Sherry Cask – bottled in the Duck Edition by Whisky Fässle.


Littlemill 23 y.o. Whisky-Fässle 1988 – 2012, Sherry Cask, 52,4%

Nose: This one defines complexity, there are so many aroma components on a fruity-sourish base – but they still mingle into great balance. So let’s go counting: There are earthy elements (moss, wet earth, hints of peat), flowers, dry malt, herbs and a little pepper, big fruit (morello cherries, raisins, dried peaches, tangerines, prunes, lemon zests), ice tea, berries, pine needles and wonderful humidor smells. In some moments this Littlemill has features of older Macallan whisky as well. Great!

Palate: It continues to amaze me. All mentioned flavour elements are there and create a mindboggling coherent mix. No water is necessary, but it brings berries (blackcurrant) and leather more to the foreground.

Finish: Staying true from start to finish. The main elements that linger are sweet malt and morello cherries. What a dram!

Comment: A great pick again, even a notch better than the Archive version. Don’t forget to organize me a bottle, Jens. I am dead serious.

Score: 91+

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