New Ducks Ahead!

Whisky-Fässle has new stuff, so get your guns out to shoot the new ducks – here are some quick tasting notes:

Littlemill 24 y.o. Whisky-Fässle 1989 – 2014, Bourbon Cask, 47,6%

Comment: A typical Lttlemill, but somewhat sweeter than usual. I am getting honey, vanilla, maple syrup and dried apricots at first – some oak too, and yellow apples. The herbal card is played with thyme, marjoram, oregano, beech leafs and incense. In addition the ‚lowlandy‘ lemon zestiness comes in. Subtle notes of ginger and soft smoke round it off. It has a good balance and an exceptional woodiness on the palate, sweet and herbal at the same time – this stands out and makes me pour another.

Score: 90


Longmorn Whisky-Fässle 1992 – 2013, Bourbon Cask, 51,1%

Comment: Oak meets bright fruit here, just at the beginning of becoming cristalline and dextrose-like (not yet there). A Spätlese-Riesling is no far away from these first whiffs. On second sniff, it gets sweeter with vanilla cookies (Vanillekipferl), poppyseed pastry (Mohnschnecke), white chocolate, alpine summer freshness (I think back to bicycle tours in Garmisch), flowers, green grapes and some spice from the wood. Complex! On the palate it is very balanced between mature fruit and the wood, but I can’t believe it is cask strength – a softie. Worth a try!

Score: 89+


Bowmore 10 y.o. Whisky-Fässle 2003 – 2013, 50,2%

Comment: Another one with low strength for its age. Maybe slightly reduced (which has become more common among bottlers recently), but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing – if you hit the right ratio of dilution. This one has! In general, Bowmore drams from 1993 – 1997 have blown me away with their power, but after that they tend to get milder again, and this one does too, it smells and tastes EXACTLY like the old Mariner 15 y. or 17 y.o. from 2002 – 2005 (roughly), but with slightly more intensity (steam train-like). Ferns, baby! A walk in the wet forest, elegant and discrete wood, then lemon chicken on Islay’s beaches. Great new oldie! This brings back memories.

Score: 89-90 (I like it for very personal reasons)


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