Quick Review of recent SMWS Bottlings for Germany

The Society bottlings sell out very quickly (because they usually perform very well), which makes it necessary for me to release notes shortly after they arrive. So I keep this very brief but it should help in orientation – the overall quality is consistent and high:

SMWS BOTTLE IMAGESMWS 50.54 – 88 points (well made, nice sherry influence and fruitiness)

SMWS 59.50 – 88 points (acidity and big fruit in good balance)

SMWS 76.117 – 89+ points (reminds me of a 1970ies Laddie in moments, banana, tropical fruits, wine gum, berries, really nice but atypical for the distillery)

SMWS 123.8 – 83 points (young, garden fruit in an orchard, sherry aromas)

SMWS 127.39 – 89 points (deep, spicy, amazing, a big dram, yet mild)

SMWS 3.208 – 84 points (fwp in here, a flowery and ferny Bowmore with lilac perfume, you have to like this profile)

SWMS 3. 225 – 88 points (a bit sharp, spicy, but nice plums, sherry, typical, green elements)

SMWS 9.84 – 77 points (Mezcal, anyone? youngish and slightly off)

SMWS 4.186 – 89 points (mature and nice Highland Park)

SMWS 53.207 – 85 points (typical, but not special)

SMWS 7.85 – 85 points

SMWS 73.62 – 88 points (a great and dry Speyside Malt from a sherry cask)

SMWS 73.64 – 89 points (intense, brine, nice sherry influence, dates, figs, plums, maraschino, spices)

SMWS 35.101 – 89 points (mature, orchard, blue cheese, good dram, some wood is there but kept at bay, this has lots to tell)

SMWS 35.108 – 87 points (raisiny and modern sherry influence, gorse, a bit closed at first, tea, cigarette tobacco, smoke, fresh and better on palate)Row of SMWS Bottles

SMWS 121.70 – 88 points (pistacio, honey, peaches, fresh and round, sweet and modern whisky)

SMWS 29.153 – 84 points (after so many great Laphs, this is too tame and a bit thin, not very complex, but good overall)

SMWS 29.157 – 89+ points (sherried, fresh and maritime, pine needle, sulphur, well balanced)

SMWS 48. 35 – 90 points (grapes, quince, peaches, vanilla, mature dram)

SMWS 2.89 – 88 points

SMWS 118.3 – 91 points (my favourite, an old Irish with amazing complexity, fruit intensity, cassis, berries, tea, spices,herbs, wine gum, all unusual but great … expensive though)

SMWS 66.51 – 90 points (deep, maritime, leather, spice, moss, nori, peat, iodine – nice)

SMWS 72.38 – 89 points (modern, peaches, toffee, oak, vanilla, tinned pears, citrus fruits, spices)

SMWS 93.59 – 91 points (mature, spicy, salty, discrete peat and smoke, iodine, gorse, beach BBQ, super)

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