Review: Terroir matters – Pitaud introduces two Cru-Cognacs

The new Expressions

World Premiere

Cognac Pitaud has been described and reviewed in another article on ‚‘ (check it out as well!). Their products have fully convinced me. Now they launch two new Cru Cognacs in a limited edition: Pitaud Cognac Borderies and Pitaud Cognac Petite Champagne. For connoisseurs, it will be very interesting to find out how the different terroir influences the final product. Others might say that blending is essential to have all you are looking for in one glass.


The Cognac Crus and their Taste

There are six Crus in Cognac in general: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fine Bois, Bon Bois and Bois Ordinaires.

Cognacs from Petite Champagne, which is an area of 16.171 hectares, are said to be floral and delicate, but not very strong on the mid-palate. Finesse is what they are about. Sometimes they also show good sweetness. These distillates are often mixed with Grande Champagne Cognacs, the most prestigious and quite powerful Cru with similar aromas but a bigger body, and are then often marketed as ‚Fine Champagne‘.

The Borderies Cognacs (the smallest Cru of only 4.160 hectares) have the most character and distinction because of a great microclimate. Here maturity is reached faster than in the other areas. Borderies Cognacs also vary more than the Cognacs of other areas and tend to be really round and a bit sweeter. Nutty aromas, big texture, a long finish and hints of iris and violet make them very popular for high-end products.

Let’s see how the new Pitaud Cognacs reflect this general description:


Pitaud Cognac ‚Petite Champagne‘ Edition Limitee, 40%

This is a bit darker in color than the Borderies. The delicate Cognac shows flowers, herbs, grapes, dark oaky tones and a touch of smoke. Furthermore, vanilla, peaches, lime, lemon zest, almonds, dried fruits, Autan gnat spray, Cuban cigar, caramel, pine and white pepper add to the mix. In conclusion, it is more on the delicate side – which is in line with the Cru’s typicality.

Score: 88+


Pitaud Cognac ‚Borderies‘ Edition Limitee, 40%

Grapes used for Cognac

This is slightly lighter in color. In general it is earthier in style, also spicier (black pepper, Asian spices). However, both versions have flowers (violets, but less than at PC), herbs, grapes, dried fruits, smoke and dark oaky tones in common. The Borderies‘ exclusive aromas are hazelnuts, apricots, raisins, cookie-like notes, orange zest, hints of a humidor (less than in the Petite Champagne version), must and fleshy jerky. Altogether it is a bit richer and heavier, which again fits the expected typical taste of the Cru.

Score: 89


In a nutshell, both Crus, which have an average age of 15 years, have their advantages and are high quality. There is not a full point between them, I just slightly prefer the more heavy Borderies version.


Vat of both Crus (50/50)

For fun’s sake, I vatted both expressions. I got more depth and roundness, both Crus added to the mix instead of cancelling each other out. However, what the mix gained in complexity it lost in originality.

Score: 89

Pitaud's Cellar


This was a great learning experience. I recommend to get both versions not only to savour but to get to the heart of the Cognac Crus and the blending possibilities.

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