Review: Mixed Wines from recent Occasions

Today, I have some wine notes again – mostly from recent celebrations and dinners. Maybe some of these are to your liking. Enjoy.


Mount Riley 2008 Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, NZ) 13%

Comment: A great alternative to the cult wine Cloudy Bay. This one is a stunner, yet typical for its grape. Hay, loads of gooseberries, tropical fruits, cassis and enough acidity to counter. A reasonably-priced recommendation!

Score: 91 (2011)


Cantine Due Palme ‚Selvarossa’2004 Salice Salentino Rosso Riserva (IT) 14%

Comment: Italy’s heel (Salento) is THE region to buy great wine for little money, and I am fond of Salice Salentino wines. The Negroamaro grape renders a nice profile with radicchio and red jam flavours that can hold its own even with high class competition on the table. This one is no exception and deserves the ‚three glasses‘ by Gambero Rosso. A lot of character, and aside from the typical aromas mentioned it offers scorched earth, plums, berries, tobacco and chocolate. Great for food pairing as it is not a concentration bomb but still powerful.

Score: 92+ (2011)


Ermitage du Marsalet 2006 Monbazillac (FR) 13%

Comment: This noble rot specimen comes from a lesser-known area for sweet wine in France but usually doesn’t fail to impress. Some excellent wines were made there already. The Ermitage du Marsalet 2006 is decent but a bit oaky for my taste. It reminds me of a slightly diluted Sauternes (a terrible comparison, I know, but that was my feeling), altogether more on finesse than on power.

Score 89: (2009)


Lieselehof ‚Sweet Claire‘ 2006 Passito (Trockenbeerenauslese) Kaltern IGT (IT) 12,5%

Comment: One of my favourite discoveries in 2011. This South Tyrolean Passito is made from the Bronner grape (existing since 1975) which doesn’t need any chemical protection in normal years (which therefore is excellent for organic and  biologically uninvasive production). It blew our socks off! Oranges, peaches, apricots, figs, honey, dried flowers, cooked apples and what not: A fresh yet fully loaded nose and a perfect balance with good acidity on the palate. Simply great stuff that can also age well. A must-buy at the price of 30+ Euro.

Score: 96 (2011)


Kaapzicht Steytler ‚Vision‘ 2002 Cape Blend Stellenbosch (SA) 14%

Score: 92 (2011)


Stadt Regensburg ‚Salutaris‘ 2007 Regent trocken (GER) 13%

Comment: These local wines are only given to jubilars and really hard to get. I could try it at a 90th birthday, so no notes. However, I was positively surprised, decent red wine (Landwein) with regional style. Also see the the rosé below.

Score: 83 (2011)


Stadt Regensburg ‚Salutaris‘ 2008 Rotling (GER) 13%

Comment: This pink stuff is really fresh and quaffable, but lacks depth. The Müller-Thurgau grape seems dominant here. Uncomplicated in every way but emotionally very special to a Regensburgian.

Score: 85 (2011)


 Stadt Regensburg ‚Salutaris‘ 2007 Müller-Thurgau trocken (GER) 12,5%

Comment: This one is very flat. Sorry. If you want to try good Müller-Thurgau from this area in Bavaria, take a bottle of Heitzer (Bach).

Score: 80 (2011)

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