Review: Two medium-aged Bunnies (SMWS and First Editions)

The Bunnahabhain session continues as this is a great dram for the summer. I was in for a surprise with the second one, an encounter of the peated kind.


Bunnahabhain 22 y.o. First Editions 1989 – 2012, Refill Bourbon Hogshead, 278 btl., 45,9%

Comment: Starts seductive and pleasing on peachy fruit, toffee and salt (yes, that maritime freshness again). I am also getting cristalline fruit elements already after 22 years, camomile, camphor, discrete whiffs of mossy earth, lemon zest, marshmallows and pine resin. It attacks more powerful than expected, which means that it doesn’t lack spiciness (salt!) and concentration in the mouth, very fresh again and slightly herbal, not über-balanced but still in fine delineation. The finish is warm, earthy and glows long like a fire in a seaside hut.

Score: 88


Bunnahabhain 11 y.o. Scotch Malt Whisky Society SMWS 10.71, April 1998 – 2010, Refill Sherry Butt, 221 btl., 54,9%

Comment: Ooops, this one is quite peated! Loads of  salt and spice add up to a very coastal character. Don’t laugh, this smell reminds me of a freshly caught lobster with its legs still moving (what an image). Let’s cut the cr.., Pit! There are some farmyardy elements as well, lemon zest, lime dash, chalk dust, camomile, new tires and pine resin. A power house palate that has Caol Ila-esque moments and sooty, spicy and peaty joy. Water doesn’t hurt and makes it more accessible but won’t change the taste profile. Long finish mostly on soot, peat and tires.

Score: 88

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