Review: Clynelish 1972 Rare Malts Selection

The Rare Malts series is known for high proof releases vatted from several casks. As the name suggests, these bottlings are becomingquite rare and therefore, quite pricy as well.

A great source of information by Ulf

Some releases are true legends like the 1972 Broras, others were a bit inexpressive. If you want to know more about the Rare Malts selection you should read fellow Maniac Ulf Buxrud’s book about them (see picture).

1972 was definitely not a bad year for Brora/Clynelish and I would like to find out if one of the Clynelish Rare Malts releases of that year can hold a candle to the Brora nectar, or at least, can show some similar features. Let’s see:


Clynelish 24 y.o. Rare Malts Selection 1972 – 9.1997, 61,3%

Comment: Great from the start. It shows the typical distillery notes in an austere yet complex  style, e.g. green waxed apples, beeswax and honey, big minerality and the smell of a stormfront rolling in from the sea. We also have aromas of bonfire smoke, resin, artificial leather, apricots, pineapples, vanilla and flowers in the enticing nose. On the palate it is really intense, powerful and similar to its bouquet, but the honey becomes much bigger and licorice joins in the mix. The bold spiciness is necessary to balance all these bees. Big malt here! I recommend some drops of water but it is drinkable at full strength as well. However, water opens the dram a lot and you get more of everything. Don’t worry, this dram is still far from being weak – actually it is quite a monster in terms of power but retains its austerity in character, which makes this Clynelish a great drinking experience. Not for beginners, though. As for the comparison: The Broras from 1972 add a complex layer of soot, iodine and peat to this profile and possess even more depth.

Score: 91

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