Yesterday’s Wine Tasting: Some Impressions

Yesterday we had a wonderful event here at ’slowdrink-central‘, a wine tasting with 15 guests, 15 wines and a chef. Actually planned as a garden tasting, we had to go inside as the weather didn’t allow for that. The wines were not chosen for being the best in their category or as value winners but for being classics or somehow special within their region, partly with a great reputation. My personal brief review (brief: you know, I refrain from taking proper tasting notes during events taht I host) of the bottles will follow in a few days.

I am  grateful for the company, the generous additions to our range and the fine food (among many great antipasti there were Highland Cattle and Bison from the grill) prepared by Christoph Hauser and my wife. Here are some impressions – enjoy and join us next time!

The Original Range


What we actually had ...


Total Exhaustion at the Grill (Wine Academic Christian Thoma and Chef Christoph Hauser)


Some of our Guests


Love and Joy

My Winners


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