Review: Isle of Arran 14 y.o. by The Maltman

Arran Malts are coming of age and I am always curious to taste them, especially when they are not from active wine casks in order to see their state of ‚classic‘ maturation. This release by The Maltman (Meadowside Blending) is a very suitable example to experience where Arran is at. It follows another Maltman release from a Sauternes cask that I liked (click here).


Isle of Arran 14 y.o. The Maltman 46%

Comment: This is very round and full from the get-go. Vanilla, toffee, marzipan-like sweet malt, maritime freshness, many fruits of all kind (bright and some dark as well), honey, ginger, some dried flowers, gentle spices and a juicy oakiness – altogether more modern and lush (in a good way). This works its charms and grows on me, a great nose. Let’s see what it does for me in taste: Starting dry with a firm malty grip, then honey, spice and fruit play their cards. The intruiging mix of the nose echoes in the finish in different waves wrapped in vanilla and malt. I am sure there are only few people who wouldn’t like this.

Score: 87

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