Review: Tormore 16 y.o. Whisky-Doris 1995

Not often do I get Tormore Single Malt, so this is exciting. Some of the old bottlings were decent to good, but some also disappointed. This bottling was released in memoriam Hotte (Horst Manthée), who painted many distilleries, some of them visible on the Whisky-Doris releases. May he rest in peace. I’ll have this dram in honour and memories of him.


Tormore 16 y.o. Whisky-Doris 13.9.1995 – 1.11.2011, Bourbon Hogshead 20213, 132 btl., 53,4% (In memoriam Horst Manthée)

Comment: The nose consists of a fruit basket (pears, apples, oranges and orange zest, peaches, pineapple) and spices (ginger and chili) at first, then butter, some white oak with vanilla and caramel – plus a lot of ‚m‘ join in: marshmallows, malt, meadow (grassy), macadamia nuts and marzipan. On the palate this Tormore adds licorice and honey and needs quite some water to be tamed. A lot of grass now. The wood evocated a lot of spice, which you have to like. The fruit just shortly emerges, but in a fat marmelade style. It finishes in peppery spice, sawdust oak, malt and hints of sweet bright fruit. In summary, this is a very classic Speyside Malt with spicy white oak elements.

Score: 85

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