Ducks for Spring: New Whisky-Fässle Bottlings

Our friend Jens was so kind to send me samples of the new drams. Unfortunately, I am a bit late with my notes, but nevertheless here they come, my 2p:


IrishWhisky-Fässle Irish Malt extra old Single Malt ‚extra old‘ Whisky-Fässle, bottled 2016, Barrel, 50,6%

Comment: Tropical fruits, of course (guava, apricot, pink grapefruit, mango, passion fruit), but not uber-fruity yet (probably still slightly below 20 y., maybe a mix). Vanilla, white chocolate, wine gums. It also possesses a malty backbone with discrete spiciness (ginger, chili) and some green elements. Good drop of the Irish!

Score: 89


MannochmoreMannochmore Whisky-Fässle 1988 28 y.o. Whisky-Fässle 1988 – 2016, Hogshead, 46%

Comment: Expressive, a character of a malt with beautiful garden fruits (Cox apples, quinces, apricots, pomegranate), nuts, honey, floral elements, marshmallows, leather, vanilla, ginger and a trace of maritime air. On the palate it becomes maltier and more floral with loads of nuts and dark fruit. Somehow, blue cheese takes it over, very cool! Aaah, complexity and uniqueness.

Score: 90

Jens und Pit

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