Tennessee Whisky 18 y.o. Sour Mash 2003 – 2021 Kirsch Import for Wu Dram Clan

Right from my second home, this Tullahoma Tennessee Whisky (Dickel) was bottled by Wu Dram Clan for Kirsch Import, probably selected by big-balled Seb Jäger and his boys. I really want to give a big shout out to people like them who dare to go new ways and bottle stuff that paves the way. No copy cats, real dudes! Watch out, their pipeline is ranging from Scotch to Cognac, Bourbon, R(h)um, Pineau, Armagnac, Gin etc. – I am looking forward to the new releases.

Some fine older Dickels came from Cadenhead’s recently, and the distillery is also diversifying their portfolio. Dickel always was the drier of the two famous Tennessee drams, and I passed by them quite often when I lived there. Watch he spelling of whisk(e)y, another clear hint to its origin. Let’s try the clan’s version:


Tennessee Whisky 18 y.o. Sour Mash, 2003 – 2021, New American Oak Barrel #12, 156btl., 50,8%

Comment: As always with Bourbon and such, give it time to unfold and lose the acetone. You will be rewarded. It starts with vanilla, creme brulee, maple syrup, painted fence in the summertime, honeycomb, orange zest, coconut, macadamia nut, catnip, cinnamon, cardamom, grilled marshmallows, dried apricots, figs and dates, summer forest floor, sweet yeast dumpling (Dampfnudel), warm oak with Asian spices. Great balance, lots to nose… . On the palate it becomes wonderfully sweet, accompanied by a slight woody bitterness to counter. The sour mash can be tasted, the wood and spice have the say and are tightly knit. Then a nuttiness joins in. It is becoming warmer, sweeter and softer by the minute and leaves you with a smile – a long finish of fine complexity causes that. Winning pick!

Score: 90+

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