Review: An old Strathmill from 1974

Once in a blue moon … a Strathmill comes along. Indeed quite a rare dram which is not often bottled as a Single Malt. However, with the ever increasing demand for older whisky even such unusual drams find their way into our glasses. I could find some nice surpises due to this fact. Is this Archive version of Strathmill (almost same dates as a Perfect Dram release for Whiskyschiff Zürich 2011) another one? I am open and curious. Let’s taste …


Strathmill 37 y.o. Archives 1974 – 2011, Bourbon Hogshead 1231, 180 btl., 44,5%

Comment: This one starts oaky and fruity, pretty much the typical old Bourbon cask stylistics. It is a bit wild and unsettled, maybe water is needed. I am also getting apple crumble, peaches, vanilla and a whiff of passion fruit. With the water mentioned it opens up, gets rounder and releases lemon aromas along with smoky elements, green tea and even more peaches. On the palate the wood is a bit too big for my taste, the other aromas are trailing more in the background. It is on the dry side, not overly complex and should have been taken out of the cask some years earlier. However, water brings our some sour elements which I like. Don’t get me wrong, good fruity whisky from way back but not a king of its category. My colleagues scored it slightly higher – but I prefer other Archive releases …well, personal taste.

Score: 86

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