Review: Two Bunnahabhain 1973

Time for two old Bunnies from Heaven 😉 . This still underrated distillery with very reasonable pricing should get more attention. I had so many great samples of these salty and maritime drams recently, so the two 1973 versions should be no exception.


Bunnahabhain 36 y.o. Liquid Sun 1973 – 2010, Sherry Hogshead, 50%

Comment: Spicy maritime freshness, wood, vanilla and toffee, crystallized oranges and peaches, nuts, brine, marshmallow, camomile and camphor. Elegance and maturity define the taste, dark mahogani-like woodiness without any edges, polished whisky, so to speak. The freshness and some mild spices in the long finish make this a great example of an old Bunnie.

Score: 89+


Bunnahabhain 38 y.o. Malts of Scotland 26.3.1973 – 5.2011, MoS Sherry Cask 3463, 50,2%

Comment: Not very different from to the Liquid Sun release, but some more sherry notes and spices (mostly black pepper, brine, Cayenne pepper and ginger) at first, then toffee, nuts, sweet honeyed malt, crystallized oranges, camomile, dark wood, resin, pine needle, vanilla, maritime freshness. Complexity and that old style maturity on the palate, great in balance and taste plus whiffs of blue cheese and a salty tingle, like crisps in a pub. It also could be called the camomile tea of old whisky as these notes become bolder (in a good way). Long and satisfying finish. Great pick again by MoS.

Score: 90

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