Review: Ledaig 2004 Archives

I have tried this too late as it seems to be sold out, but maybe one can still find some bottles. Tobermory’s Ledaig are one of the most interesting drams in the whisky world and a different take on the peat genre. The 1972 and some 1973 releases are mindboggling, I am glad to have most of these in my collection because they almost vanished from auctions. Recently, younger Ledaig whiskies from 1999 on to 2005 pop up as single cask releases from different independent bottlers, all of them very powerful and peated mustardy drams with some iodine – but sometimes not very complex. Let’s go for this one:


Ledaig 7 y.o. Archives 2004 – 2012, Hogshead 90009, 302 btl., 61,9%

Comment: Ok, this is complex for its age, the lead aromas are peat, farmyard (compost pile), iodine and mustard. In the second row there are tires, soot, salt and ferns detectable. I am also getting a little sulphur, the smoke of a beach bonfire, wet cowboy boots (leather), lemon juice, white beans, chalk, black pepper, cocoa and stinging nettle in the nose – all that is more clean than dirty. On the palate this Ledaig is greener than the nose had suggested, there are green malt, ferns, eucalypt, pistachio, green tea, mustard, mint and nettles in good balance. Then it becomes quite South Coast Islay leading into a long and satisfying finish on peat, iodine, tires, mustard, cocoa, a dash of lemon and some green stuff, altogether not totally unlike younger Ardbeg. I like this a lot. Recommendation!

Score: 90

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