Review: Longmorn 1992 Archives

We need summer drams at such temperatures. A medium-aged Longmorn seems like a good choice here, which I am going to taste in the basement (less heat). At 70 Euro, this is a real steal – if it is ‚longmorny‘ enough to satisfy our fruity longings. Watch out, only 60 bottles available. Here we go:


Longmorn 19 y.o. Archives 10.1992 – 5.2012, Bourbon Cask 86607, 60 btl., 48,5%

Comment: Indeed summery. There are five main themes which are apricot (the fruit and a flavoured apricot tea), raw black tea, sugar-coated cookies, white oak (with vanilla) and coal. A nice sweetness, which is not only coming from the pastry but also from the malt, fits well with other fruits like apples, crystallized pineapples and lemons. All this is accompanied by some nutty elements, grass and spice (white pepper, chili, ginger). Good altogether, but not great yet. But hold on: On the palate, it really starts performing on a higher level with excellent balance. Slightly sweet, liqueurish and very fruity, all aromas wrapped in a vanilla-oak-combo and some nutty elements. The finish is likewise (which means pretty darn good). No water necessary. A good Longmorn for the second look.

Score: 88

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