Review: Three Springbank

Springbank produced some of the greatest Single Malts ever but after 2005 only few bottlings convinced the hard core of connoisseurs. However, recently nice versions from sherry wood surfaced, e.g. the 2001 Rundlets and Kilderkins from small casks (88 points). Today I am going to introduce two of such enjoyable Campbeltown Malts in brief fashion (because I had them after a dinner with friends):


Springbank 13 y.o. OB Pot Still Edition 1997, Sherry Hogshead #296, 216 btl., 57,1%

Comment: This departs from the recent austere style, it is lush and full of dark cooked fruits, but the sherry is a bit too intense and monodimensional in here to be a great one – the saltiness saves it. Altogether, a good dram for lovers of very sherried drams (thanks, Reinhard).

Score: 88


Springbank 14 y.o. OB Jazz Edition (selected by Hans Offringa) bottled 2010, Cream Sherry Butt, 600 btl., 56%

Comment: A raisin-driven and spicy (peppery) dram with quite some power. I also get a good maltiness wrapped in honey and salt. Decent, but not a must-have, recommended with water.

Score: 84

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