Review: New Archive Bottlings (fishes n‘ stuff)

Due to a lot of tastings we held in the last months, the time for notes didn’t present itself. However, I keep my tasting book anyway and sometimes manage to get the stuff online. Today, I am glad to taste the new Archives bottlings from our Dutch friends, so here we go (tasted in two sessions):


Glentauchersglentauchers_7_yo_2005_52-5_archives_whiskybase_sherry_butt_900392 7 y.o. Archives 2005, Sherry Butt, 52,5%

Comment: Off to a flowery and malty start, green grapes too, quite enticing, I must say. Gingerbread, marzipan bar in chocolate, bark, honey, honeysuckle, dried fruits and orange peel join the nose. It tastes surprisingly raisiny and grapey at first, then becoming dry, malty and honeyed. The long finish is sweet and full of reminiscenses of a fine Chardonnay. Give this one time!

Score: 87+


Deanstondeanston_15_yo_1997_55-8_archives_whiskybase 15 y.o. Archives 1997, 55,8%

Comment: I find Deanston a totally underrated distillery, and this dram proves it again – the nose offers loads of peach core aromas and apricot marmelade, a real fruit basket for its age, canned milk, white chocolate, saw dust, vanilla and a discrete smokiness. The greatness, however, is on the palate: great balance of fruit, some Sauternes-like sweetness and the wood. Wow. This loveable Speysider finishes on the sweeter side of life. Moreish!

Score: 89+


Glenrothesglenrothes_25_yo_1988_53_archives_whiskybase_refill_sherry_hogshead_7318 25 y.o. Archives 1988, Refill Sherry Hogshead, 53,0%

Comment: Pot Still Rum?! Could be, but turns into a whisky now: lemon freshness, herbal tea, bergamotte, fruits (apple, apricots) and vanilla on the nose. Nice spices like ginger and chili come in, and quinces, honeysuckle and jasmin. It tastes baroque, full and mature with the spicy edge to keep it interesting. A spicy tail too.

Score: 88+


GlendronachGlendronach Archives 2002 11 y.o. Archives 2002, Oloroso Sherry Butt 2751, 57,2%

Comment: Dry and spicy Oloroso nose, very nutty. I am getting aromas of pepper, leather, coffee beans, wheatfields, peach liqueur/syrup, canned milk and vanilla. It tastes like a classic Glendronach, altogether more on the spicy side of things without too much sherry domination. Dry oats, crispy malt. It finishes great and sweeter than expected on maraschino cherries and exotic spices. Gimme more!

Score: 89


Bunnahabhainbunnahabhain_26_yo_1987_50-2_archives_whiskybase_sherry_cask_2557 26 y.o. Archives 1987, Sherry Cask, 50,2%

Comment: Probably my favourite out of this release – big stuff, maraschino cherries, port, cooked raisins, dark chocolate, leather and salt plus that maritime and freshness. In second row there is some white pepper and even more dark fruit. Not overly complex, but soooo nice altogether. On the palate it jumps back and forth between fruity sweetness and spice elements, leaving you with the dark cherry fruit to win, and even more chocolate. Christmas dram!

Score: 90


Ledaigledaig_7_yo_2005_62-8_archives_hogshead_900092 7 y.o. Archives 2005, Hogshead, 62,8%

Comment: Our friends know what I think of Ledaig 2005 (we bottled one for our club) – and this is a classic example, even one of the better ones. Mustard seeds, polished shoes, apples, iodine  and big flinty aromas. Daddy like!

Score: 90-

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