Review: Revisiting Two Classics (An Cnoc 16 y.o. and Longmorn 30 y.o.)

An Cnoc 16 y.o. 46%

Comment: Revisiting a classic, that is how I feel. Let’s see how this baby tastes nowadays. The nose reveals honey, dried flowers, grapefruit- and lemon juice and hints of ginger. It tastes spicier than the nose would suggest, I am getting an ever-increasing pepper catch, licorice and ginger. The finish is all about flowers and honey again and simply pleasant. A good daily dram.

Score: 83


Longmorn 30 y.o. Gordon & Macphail (G&M) 43%

Comment: Always a bang for your buck and a reasonable way to enter the world of aged whisky coming from fine Sherry casks. I love this profile with perfectly integrated sherry fruit, raisins, all kind of berries (even cassis), juicy gummibears, dark wood and dust, all that in balance and perfect harmony. Maybe this is no powerhouse but great in its own way.

Score: 90



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