Review: Ardbeg Dark Cove (regular version) 46,5%

After the review of the Committee edition (see here), this is the follow-up: tomorrow is Ardbeg Day and the regular version with lower abv is being released. So I compared and tasted this smuggler’s dram with quite some sherry influence. More information can also be found at the link above.

Comment:ardbeg dark cove 1 It is like comparing a hamburger with a cheeseburger. Basically we have the same aromas in the nose, but one has a bit more depth. Guess which – the cask strength version – but the difference is rather narrow. A typical Ardbeg without any offnote, old-style with bitumen, soot, peat, iodine, leather, white pepper and chili, mustard seed, tires after a burnout, coffee, nettles, plums and such, still spirit-driven but the sherry casks render a nice and fitting addition with dark allusions . The little brother can hold its own, it has just a bit less intensity (esp. in terms of leather and iodine). Kudos, Ardbeg – recommended!

Score: 89

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