Review: A 23 y.o. Bowmore from 1989 (Sherry Cask)

What a cool label and what an enticing colour this new Agency bottling has! I was very curious to try this 23 y.o. sherried Bowmore a week ago. Since then it received very different scores – which I like (polarizing drams). In general, the 1989 Bowmore whiskies were less peaty and direct than the versions distilled after 1992, some of them were a bit perfumy still. Let’s review it, here are my 2p:


Bowmore 23 y.o. The Whisky Agency ‚Fights‘ 1989 – 2012, ex-sherry butt, 341 btl., 53,1%

Whisky Agency's new series 'Fights'

Comment: This one is quite sherried, a raisiny and slightly sulphury sweetness is primary here which overrides the more subtle 1989 Bowmore character too much for my personal taste – a bit like prune jam on toasted bread with a little peat. I am also getting roots, maraschino cherries, lilacs, pepper, hazelnuts, chocolate, leather and earth. The palate is very similar to the nose and not among the best balanced or complex drams out there, it reminds me of a cough drop. The finish, however, is nice on sherry, elegant dark wood and peat. In a nutshell: Some might like this but I find it a bit weird and not very Bowmore. Again, just a personal opinion.

Score: 77

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