Whiskyfässle-Review: Miltonduff 1995 and Ledaig 2005

Whenever Jens Unterweger announces new bottlings to come I wonder which ducks the bottles will show. I have made the suggestion „roasted“ or „SM“ already, hopefully he will pick up these ideas one day …  😉 Anyway, let’s be serious. Two new bottlings arrived and I could taste them for you:


MiltonduffLedaig 2005 Whisky-Fässle Miltonduff 1995 1995 – 2014 Whisky-Fässle, 51,2%

Comment: The nose starts with dried hay and flowers and some sweet malt in the background. One can already sense that this one needs time to unfold. A bit later, Snickers and KitKat White Chunky bars appear (nuts, caramel, chocolate, vanilla) along with crystallized pineapple, peaches, oranges, honey, licorice, pepper and marshmallows. Somehow I am reminded of oaked Chardonnay and fruit tea/infusions. On the palate this Miltonduff is rather sweet and fruity and really smooth. It has just a hint of oak and vanilla and a nice leathery dry touch – like suede on the tongue. In the finish the fruitiness prevails along with blossom tea, elderflower, vanilla and oak. This is a real springtime dram for lovers and ladies.

Score: 88+ (89 for complexity)


Ledaig 2005 – 2014 Whisky Fässle, 53,3%

Comment: It is almost boring (in a good way!) how reliable 2005 Ledaig is, and this one makes no difference – already a classic vintage for me. I heard that younger ones are as peated as these, soon there will be a Hepburn’s Choice release to check. This 2005 is typical, altogether more on the green side (agave juice, green tea, herbs). I am getting shoe shine on leathery shoes, soot, peat, chili and pepper, green apple, iodine, farmyard smells and freshly ground coffee in the nose – and some pine aromas of a sauna. It tastes as above, but the abv shows some reduction which reduces the fun factor a bit. It is too nice, almost Bowmore-esque at times. Nevertheless this is great stuff, maybe suitable to introduce beginners to island peatsters – or for anyone who loves peated whisky with high quality.

Score: 89


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